We have 14 (4’ x 8’) raised beds for rental to community members. We have four mounded beds, herb spiral, shrub and perennial beds with produce to be split between members who have helped tend the beds and a portion donated to charity (plant a row grow a row program) Please contact us if you or your group is interested in helping out with the garden.

Open Gardening times over the summer will be Wednesdays 7pm-sundown and Saturday 10am – noon

Garden Mission
To bring together and engage our diverse community, demonstrate techniques of sustainable urban food production and inspire positive action.

Our Vision
Create a beautiful, sustainable garden that will provide;

  • Individual garden plots for a wide variety of residents in the Southwood area.
  • Shared gardening spaces for growing friendships and food.
  • Education and promotion of sustainable gardening practices throughout the community.
  • A beautiful green gathering place within our community.

Our Principles and Goals

  • Healthful local food
  • Attractive, beautiful, green gathering place.
  • Sustainable gardening education.
  • A sense of belonging, and community.
  • Promotion of cooperation through shared activities.
  • Make all people feel welcome.
  • Increased neighbourhood pride
  • Sharing  and giving back to the community through events and local charities

Garden Values

  • We value sustainable organic urban agriculture.
  • We value the diversity in our community and want to provide opportunities for all residents to feel welcome to experience gardening.
  • We value children and youth and look forward to providing opportunities for them to experience growing food and engage in the community.
  • We value our seniors and look forward to their abilities to share expertise, mentor and add to the community spirit of our garden.
  • We value food security within our community and beyond.
  • We value our surroundings and believe by utilizing a small green space for a community garden we are respectfully coexisting with our environment.

Gardening Agreements

Bed Rental: SCG_GardenBedRental.pdf

Important guidelines for gardeners to follow.

  • Sustainable organic gardening practices: No pesticide or herbicide use and promote alternatives to synthetic fertilizers
  • Responsible watering practices.
  • Respect others’ plots.
  • No illegal plants.
  • No prohibited noxious weeds.
  • Keep gardens weeded, clean, neat, and safe. Please weed paths around your bed!
  • Gardeners will provide their own hand tools
  • Compost garden waste.
  • Tool cleanliness of shared tools.
  • Pets must not be allowed to run free or enter fenced garden space.
  • Report any suggestions or damage to southwoodcommunitygardens@gmail.com
  • Sign gardener contract

Who is eligible to become a Southwood Gardener?
Priority to a garden plot will be in the following order:
1st Southwood residents with limited access to a garden.
2nd Southwood residents with garden access.
3rd Outside community residents with limited garden access.
4th Outside community members.

Gardeners must hold a Southwood Community Association membership or other community membership.

Gardening Projects:

Fruit Trees
Don’t let your good fruit go to waste!

Plant a Row, Grow a Row
Plant a little extra food in your garden this year and we will help distribute it to those in need. Volunteers can be arranged to help harvest the food in late summer.

Community Beautification
Please let us know if you have any ideas for community beautification or are willing to volunteer to water the planters along Elbow Drive.


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