Garden Design


Garden Features:

Wicking Beds: Water is stored in an underground reservoir and is wicked up by the soil. This encourages plant roots to grow down towards the water and reduces evaporation and the need for frequent watering.

Rainwater collection: we have 2 x 1000L totes to collect rainwater off the community hall roof. This provides the gardeners with warm, chlorine free water for hand watering beds, reduces the storm water flowing directly to the storm sewer system and sediment discharge into the river and reduces the amount of treated city tap water used for irrigation.

Swales: The overflow of rainwater from the roof of the community hall is directed into a system of swales that channels the water towards the mounded garden beds. This slows the flow of water and allows the water to be stored in the soil surrounding the beds where it can be better accessed by the plants.

Herb spiral: The idea behind the herb spiral is to provide a compact bed to grow herbs with different requirements for sun, shade and moisture levels. Near the top of the spiral plants will get more sun and dryer conditions while plants near the bottom and on the north side of the spiral will have more shade and moisture.

2′ and 1′ high raised beds (4’x8′)

Mounded beds

Compost bin

Cob Bench


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